Our Approach

The famous Psychiatrist, Alfred Adler said “to be human is to feel inferior”. How we deal with feelings of inferiority such as not being good enough or capable enough determines the life we live. Maybe your feelings of inferiority came from difficult times in your life or traumatic experiences or from your childhood.


Have your feelings of inferiority caused you to experience anxiety, depression, low self esteem and low confidence? Have you given up on your dreams? Or maybe you’ve aimed low? You’ve taken a job you’re underqualified for because you are worried you may not be capable of any thing better?


Maybe you’re the opposite! Your feelings of inferiority have driven you to push yourself. You’re an overachiever. You push yourself so hard that your life is out of balance. You can’t relax as you feel like you should be working or “doing something”.


Maybe you feel you should study all the time? You now work too much or perhaps you simply feel unfulfilled. You can’t find happiness.


Maybe you’re “burnt out”, have lost motivation or are now depressed and anxious.


We do more than treat anxiety and depression. We focus on the whole person (click here for what we mean!). We want you to not only be free of your symptoms, but to grow as a person. To understand yourself better, realise your potential and be more than who you are.

Counselling and mentoring

We treat a range of issues such as anxiety, depression, AD/HD, Autism and grief.

"Be more than who you are"


We conduct assessments for adult AD/HD, Autism, and learning difficulties such as Dyslexia.

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Helping to train future psychologists

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