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The Benefits of Vulnerability (Part 2.)

When we choose not to be vulnerable, we might believe that we are doing ourselves a favour; that we are protecting ourselves; and that we are presenting our best, most meticulous selves.

We listen to the voice inside us telling us to maintain our perfect, brilliant exteriors so that the ones we care about most never know that we have flaws and scars. But what we are really doing is depriving those closest to us from the opportunity of ever really knowing us. We fear that we will be rejected, at the cost of never really being known.

We might fear the idea of really being vulnerable but what we often fail to notice is all the ways that we keep ourselves distanced from others. If we can relent, even just a little bit, it opens doors to a whole new world. If we can be vulnerable, we are able to ask for what we need; express emotions; say what we actually want; say what we really think; and best of all - slow down and appreciate the moment for what it is.

Vulnerability is something that should be reserved to those who respect it. There is nothing wrong with being wise with whom we choose to be vulnerable with - the point is that when we find those people, we are doing ourselves - and them - an enormous service by letting them see who we truly are. You don't need to go all-in at once, you can let your guard down just slightly to see how it feels. Surely it would be a relief to be able to drop the façade, even for just a little while.

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